Court awards costs minus 40% discount to UCC over 2009 flooding

The university took the case against the ESB, which it argues mishandled the release of floodwaters from its dams

The High Court has awarded costs, minus a 40% discount, in favour of UCC following a legal action against the ESB that lasted over 100 days.

The university took the electricity provider to court after suffering millions of euro worth of damages to its campus during the severe floods of 2009.

It argued that the ESB's management of its dams on the River Lee led to significantly more flooding than was necessary.

Justice Max Barrett agreed and found the ESB 60% liable, but decided that UCC's failure to act on previous notices of risk to buildings on the floodplain made them 40% liable.

A hearing on damages will be heard at a later date.

Our Courts Correspondent Frank Greaney reports: