The Evening Top 5: McGregor meets Kimmel; Gardaí hunt tiger kidnappers

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WATCH: Conor McGregor tells Jimmy Kimmel he wants to buy a tiger or a chimpanzee

Conor McGregor's standing in American pop culture continues to expand after the Dubliner spoke to Jimmy Kimmel ahead of his fight with Jose Aldo later this month.

Around 2.6million people watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! on a nightly basis and McGregor impressed the audience and the presenter on ABC.

McGregor spoke to Kimmel about how he is leading the way for Irish MMA in the coming years: "There are many, many young kids who are seeing the path now. They are many, many parents of young kids who are seeing my path and encouraging the game of martial arts." 

Gardaí hunting at least three raiders involved in Dublin kidnapping and robbery

Gardai are hunting for at least three raiders involved in a kidnapping and robbery last night in which a family of three was held captive in their home overnight.

A mother and daughter were abducted from their family home in Artane, and bundled into the back of a van which was later found near Dunboyne in Co Meath.

The male occupant of the house was forced to go to his workplace and hand over a substantial sum of money.

Gardai have said the raiders had Dublin accents, were masked and worse gloves.

Is enough being done to stamp out acts of violence in GAA? James Masters shares his experience

"I was the victim of it a couple of years ago. It was running 30-40 yards, my back turned, a punch into the face and I fell and then there was a follow-up kick."

That was former Cork inter-county star James Masters on Off The Ball tonight as he recounted his experience of being on the receiving end of unprovoked violence on the pitch in 2011, which left him with a broken jaw and ensuing medical complications.

But as he continued, the violence itself was only one side of the story.

LISTEN: Johnny Giles blames Sky for Jimmy Dunne's record being erased from the record books

Jimmy Dunne netted in 12 consecutive matches for Sheffield United between October of 1931 and January 1932. It is a record that seems to be forgotten given the rise of the Premier League. Johnny Giles believes Sky are to blame for rewriting history to suit themselves.

"The way Sky go on, the records only started in 1992. It’s very disrespectful to the players who have records like Jimmy Dunne." Giles said on tonight's Off the Ball.

Pistorius conviction to be upgraded to murder

Oscar Pistorius' conviction for killing his girlfriend has been changed from manslaughter to murder.

An appeals judge said last year's verdict was "confusing and flawed" and the athlete will now be re-sentenced by the original court and will almost certainly go back to jail.

A murder conviction carries a much heftier sentence: a minimum of 15 years in South Africa.

Justice Leach said Pistorius must have foreseen that firing into the toilet would likely have killed whoever was inside - but he went ahead anyway.