Rehab CEO 'would not sleep at night' if there was no transparency in the group

Mo Flynn took over from Angela Kerins, who resigned amid controversy

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Rehab Group campus in Sandymount, Dublin | Image:

The head of Rehab says she would not sleep well at night if she could not be held accountable for how public donations to the charity are being spent.

Mo Flynn took over from former CEO Angela Kerins, who resigned amid controversy over management salaries at the charity.

Rehab has introduced a raft of reforms since then, but suffered a 36% loss in fundraising as a result of the scandal.

Ms Flynn says she is working to enhance the quality of life and contributions those with disabilities can make in Ireland.

She says she could not sleep at night if there was not financial accountability at Rehab.

"I think we as senior managers in these organisations have a responsibility - I'm not sure I would sleep very well at night if I wasn't able to stand up, as I can now, and be clearly accountable for how publicly-donated money is spent", she told Newstalk Breakfast.

"And I think that's what we have to address", she added.

Her comments come on International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

The theme for this year is inclusion, with access and empowerment for people of all abilities.

There is an estimated one billion people living with disabilities worldwide, who face many barriers to inclusion in many key aspects of society.

"The right to participate in public life is essential to create stable democracies, active citizenship and reduce inequalities in society", the United Nations says.

"By promoting empowerment, real opportunities for people are created. This enhances their own capacities and supports them in setting their own priorities".

The day is marked around the world annually on December 3rd to promote awareness and mobilise support for critical issues pertaining to the inclusion of persons with disabilities.

The Inclusion Ireland group has put this video together to mark the day: