State-funded schools now match private sector for sending students to college

More publicly funded schools are hitting a 100% record

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State-funded schools are now matching the fee paying sector when it comes to sending students to college.

The Irish Independent reports growing numbers of publicly funded schools are hitting a 100% record, or very close to it, for pupil progression.

The Feeder Schools survey gives a school-by-school breakdown of the number of students enrolling in higher education this autumn, and in which college.

But the figures also highlight how pupils in socially disadvantaged parts continue to lag behind when it comes to third-level education - with progression rates as low as 20% in some deprived areas.

According to the new figures, some 28 of the 51 fee-paying schools had a 100% progression rate - compared with 31 of 56 schools back in 2010.

And among the 626 other second-level schools in the survey, some 53 had a 100% progression rate - representing an almost five-fold increase from five years ago.