'3-D is a marketing gimmick' - Irish Cinematographer for Godzilla

Renowned director of photography Seamus Garvey dismisses the format as a plot to attract audiences

'3-D is a marketing gimmick' - Irish Cinematographer for Godzilla

Godzilla Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey who hails from Co Armagh

'3-D is a marketing gimmick that adds very little to the point or value of a movie,' according to Seamus McGarvey, the Irish Director Of Photography on monster picture, Godzilla which opened in cinemas on Thursday.

McGarvey says there have been one or two cases – such as Martin Scorsese’s Hugo and the award-winning Gravity – where it has contributed some visual depth but generally the cinema would be better off without 3-D.

'As a cinematographer I absolutely despise it. To shoot native 3D is so complex. The machinery involved completely goes against any kind of fluidity to the camera. It takes so long to set up,' McGarvey lamented earlier this month.

The renowned cinematographer from Co Armagh, who has worked on Anna Karenina, World Trade Centre, Atonement, High Fidelity, We Need To Talk About Kevin, Avengers Assemble and the upcoming Fifty Shades Of Grey, will be speaking exclusively to The Picture Show on Newstalk this weekend.

Viggo Mortensen and writer/director Hossein Amini will also be on the programme to talk about their new release The Two Faces Of January.

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