'I know now that it is possible to do something about it': Life with social anxiety and the tools of recovery

The final episode in Newstalk's mental health podcast series...


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‘I felt that the night had gone so badly, that I had been so quiet and not talked to anyone, that everyone must think I’m worthless. So I decided that I didn’t want to be involved with people anymore’.

This is how Ken, this month’s interviewee on Mental Wealth, felt during a particularly bad episode of social anxiety. This is a condition which causes sufferers to have an unreasonable and excessive fear of social situations, which in turn can cause great anxiety.

During the interview, Ken explains how he managed to turn his fortune around once he reached out for help. He attended a course run by Social Anxiety Ireland, which provided him with the necessary tools to deal with his anxiety and begin to socialise again.

‘The first step is always the hardest one,’ he explains. ‘Just a little bit of positive feedback can give you a huge confidence boost’.

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