Ireland has the fourth highest household debt in the EU

But it is falling...

Irish household debt fell to €1.1bn during the first quarter of this year according to the Central Bank - this is the lowest level since early 2006.

Household debt relative to disposable income was at 149% - this is the lowest level since 2004.

However, Ireland remains the fourth most indebted nation in the EU - that's one place better than last year.

Average household debt per person now stands at close to €31,000.

The net worth of Irish households rose by 0.3% during the quarter to €628.7bn, or €132,141 per capita.

Irish household's net worth has risen by 38.5% since 2012 - household debt has now been falling for 30 quarters in a row.

Danish household debt has fallen by 23.2% but it remains the most indebted nation in Europe while Slovenia has the lowest level.