McDonald's plan to replace Happy Meal toys with fitness trackers was a little rash

The bands are withdrawn due to skin irritations...

Tying in with its sponsorhip of the Rio Olympics, a new McDonald's campaign had been aimed at getting children active by giving them fitness trackers with their Happy Meals rather than the classic toy.

It was also another attempt by the fast food chain to offset criticisms over the poor nutritional reputation its menu has.

The promotional run in US and Canadian outlets was cut short mere days after it began, however, following complaints that the bands have been causing skin irritation in customers.

The Step It! Activity Band bands have now been withdrawn from stores with customers getting a substitute toy inside their Happy Meal container while the company investigates the cause of the dermal abrasions. It is not currently known if bands that have left the outlets will be recalled.

The move will undoubtedly undermine the television and online ad blitz the company has rolled out for Rio 2016, with many of the advertisements featuring kids engaged in sports.

Michelle McIlmoyle, senior marketing manager for McDonald’s Canada, had said in a statement to Digital Trends:

“Physical activity is important to everyone of all ages. We very much support children’s well-being.

"Step-it is in line with McDonald’s general philosophy for Happy Meal toys, which is to make toys that encourage either physical or imagination-based play.”

Maybe McDonald's and athleticism just aren't meant to be. 

Then again, maybe somebody should tell that to the Olympians. Athletes and coaches have been entitled to free McDonald's in the Olympic Village over the course of the events, and the Washington Post reports that demand has been so great that limits have now been placed on how much each person can order...



Wow what a week it has been in Rio! Have to say I am disappointed about the match today. We definitely had a good chance to stretch the match to three sets toward the end of the second set but couldn't close it out. We would have loved to end our first Olympic campaign with a win against a much higher ranked pair. Although having said that, there are lots of good things to learn from the matches in the last three days playing against more experienced pairs. Can't wait to go back home to start training and keep on improving! Just want to say thanks again to everyone back home for the on going support. Definitely motivated me to fight hard on court everyday! ❤️ Now it's time to eat some junk food after months of eating clean! 😀

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