Spotify wants to help improve your child's vocabulary

The service is relaunching it's "Kid's Category"

Music streaming service, Spotify, has redesigned it's family offering by launching a kids category. This will include playlists focused on vocabulary and language development, as well as songs encouraging parent - child interaction.  

In a post about the new offering, the company states that singing with children from birth onwards can help to promote early brain and language development. This is the focus of the new "Kids & Family" section.

They new playlists are designed around everyday activities such as bedtime, bath time or driving in the car. Parents will hear a voice prompt between songs encouraging a conversation with their child based upon a particular subject.  

One example of a prompt is: “What should be our next song?,” and then suggest that parent and child choose a song together that’s slow and calming before bedtime.

There's a number of celebrity voiceovers within the playlists including: Fantasia, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler Perry, Juanes, Diego Torres, Frankie J, Laurie Berkner, Busy Philipps and Ashley Williams.

The new Kids and Family section is available now at