Should Dublin's city centre be pedestrianised?

Retailers - including shopping centres who also own car parks - are fighting the proposals...

Plans to create a pedestrian plaza running from Dame St on to College Green face fresh opposition from the Dublin City Traders’ Alliance (DCTA) - a new single-issue lobby group formed to fight the proposals.

The group includes Brown Thomas, Arnotts, the Jervis Centre and the Ilac Centre - who all either own or licence car parks in the city centre.

Plans to be incorporated in Dublin city council’s 2016-21 draft development programme for the city would remove private cars from the area surrounding the main entrance to Trinity College. This would improve the flow of public transport and make the city centre easier for cyclists to navigate.

It would also reduce traffic on the quays and aim to bring fewer cars into the middle of the city. This would widen footpaths, add bus stops, and introduce bike-only lanes.

The group argues that up to 5,000 jobs could be lost in the city centre as discouraging the use of cars would result in consumers using suburban shopping centres instead.

The Sunday Times reports that the group is being led by Noel Smyth, a solicitor from Fitzwilliam Real Estate Capital. It said the group has already started meeting with council officials and that it is contacting councillors.