Camera vs phone: The modern day David vs Goliath

How does Canon's GX3 rate against a smartphone camera?

It's been many years since I've owned a 'proper' camera. I remember buying a nice digital camera back when I was in secondary school, but stopped using it around the time I bought my Motorola Razor phone. I take many photos every single day, but always from my phone. In the age of incredible camera phones, is there really a need for an bridge camera?

Well, I'm not sure. 

I had a Canon Powershot G3X for three weeks and was unsure if I'd actually use it in my day to day life. This is a beautiful, classically Canon looking camera. It's sturdy build makes the user feel like a proper photographer. 


First up; let's call a spade a spade here. I did not walk around with the camera around my neck everyday for the three weeks. I kept it in the office for a while and then took it out with my family once or twice. I am not the kind of person who would carry a large camera around with them, when my phone sits comfortably in my pocket. 

That being said, the images captured by the G3X were stunning. 

As someone who is a more fan of photography than a professional photographer, I was happy to see that the normal "point and shoot" mode produced beautiful images as I'd struggle to master the various modes.

As a fan of sky-porn (don't you judge me) I love the colours the camera picks up and the lens glare. The device has a large zoom and an impressive 1in sensor to provide good image quality for a compact fixed-lens device.

While it's nowhere near a phone in my back pocket, the G3X is very neat for something that offers a 25x zoom lens. There's a lovely 3.2-inch screen on the back of the device that stretches out - making it a dream to use for selfies or video recording. 

There's a pop-up flash onboard and it can take a larger unit, should you need it. The camera has Wifi and NFC connectivity, which makes image transfer very easy. 

While I really enjoyed using the GX3 and felt fancy whilst doing so, I don't think I could justify the near €1,000 price-tag to purchase one. I try out many smartphones and put their cameras through the ringer. At the moment I use the Huawei P9, which has Lecia camera technology built in.

If you had to push me to only capture images on the GX3 or my P9 for the rest of my life, I'd go with the P9. These images, captured on the P9 show that a simple camera phone can produce incredible beauty. 


This images have not been touched up and look pretty damn good to me. 

When push comes to shove, I don't think I could part with €1,000 for a large camera that I would rarely bring out, when I could use my P9, straight from my pocket. I can understand why someone would want an amazing camera, however. Many friends and relatives with small children, for example, want a separate camera to capture special moments in high quality.