Why does Facebook want your number?

You may have received a prompt looking for your number in recent weeks

If you've logged into Facebook in the last while, you may have noticed a prompt to insert your phone number. This request may make some people nervous and wonder why the social media giant would want such information. 

While some may want to think this is another example of big brother at play, Facebook says there's a very logical reason for the request.

"Adding your phone number to your account will help keep your account secure, make it easier for you to connect with friends and family on Facebook and make it easier to regain access to your account if you have trouble logging in."
Once inserted, this can be used as a verification method on the site. 
Basically, it's a security measure. 
"When we ask you to add your phone number, you may see your number automatically suggested so that it's easier for you to add. This might be based on your phone or tablet, your mobile operator, contact information provided by others on Facebook, or other sources. We also might have your number because you gave it to us in the past, but haven't confirmed it. The number will only be added to your account if you choose to confirm and verify it."