You can expect to work for longer, says Paschal Donohoe

The Minister calls for retirement age to be increased...

Longer working lives are going to be a reality for people, according to the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.

A report launched by Paschal Donohoe earlier today says that retirement age may need to be increased.

A collaboration between a number of government departments, it suggests that Ireland needs to prepare for population aging and that a cultural shift is needed with regards to retirement.

Donohoe said there's a number of reasons people are working longer:

"People are living for longer, they're healthier for longer, and in many, many cases, people simply want to continue to be active and to work for longer."

The report also raised concerns over the state pension.

Given current trends, state pension spending will increase by €2 billion in the next 10 years due to increased live expectancy.

There are no clear recommendations in the report, but promises that different departments will further look into the issue.

Age Action Ireland has called it a missed opportunity, saying that there are no proposals to address the gap over when retirees can collect the State pension, forcing many on to Jobseeker's Benefit.

CEO Eamon Timmins said: 

"Government's National Positive Ageing Strategy commits to removing the barriers to continued employment for older people and this report is a missed opportunity do just that."