What's all this #SaveTwitter lark about?

Spoiler alert: it doesn't need to be saved

Twitter users may have noticed #SaveTwitter trending yesterday. It was reported that the social media site would be shutting down in early 2017 because of cyberbullying. Having reached out to Twitter this morning, we can confirm the reports are completely false. 

While the origin of the rumours is unknown, the story was flying around all day yesterday.

Two different versions of the same story caused #SaveTwitter to trend. Firstly it was said Twitter has been having trouble and as a result is the subject of regular speculation about whether it will be taken over or sold; and secondly that much of the criticism around the site focuses on its problems with cyber bullying and abuse.

I reached out to Twitter this morning and they assured us there's no truth to the claims whatsoever.

A nice result of the baseless rumour was the fact that users began to state why they love the social media platform.

We can rest assured that Twitter will be around for some time to come!