Arianna Huffington leaves her Post as editor-in-chief

Her new venture is looking to change the way people work and live

Arianna Huffington leaves her Post as editor-in-chief

President and editor-in-chief of the AOL Huffington Post Media Group, Arianna Huffington in Milan | Image: Luca Bruno / AP/Press Association Images

The founder of the Huffington Post says she is stepping down from her role as editor-­in-­chief.

Arianna Huffington is to set up a new company, Thrive Global.

The firm is looking to change the way people work and live by ending burnout, and reducing stress and exhaustion.

"Stress and burnout are a global pandemic, costing businesses hundreds of billions of dollars per year - $300 billion in the US alone," Huffington says in a statement.

"But as the latest science has shown there is no tradeoff between living a well­rounded life and high performance."

"In fact our performance actually improves when we make our health and well­being a priority."

She has also tweeted her thanks to staff at the online publication.

Hufffington has branched out from her editor role several times, most recently publishing a book 'The Sleep Revolution,' which looked at how tiredness affects us.

On her book, she told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk: "We have been living our lives under the collective delusion that if we short-change sleep we are going to be more productive...and all the modern sciences makes it absolutely unequivocal that this is not the case."

She said the majority of us need seven to nine hours sleep a night - and that she had a painful wake up call about her sleeping habits.

"I collapsed from sleep deprivation and broke my cheek bone on the way down - and that's what started me looking at my life - and realising that I and millions of people are are living under this delusion".

"Look at our view of smoking, we really used to think smoking was not a problem...Sleep deprivation is the new smoking".

"We now literally have executives collapsing on their treadmill because we've convinced everybody that exercise and nutrition are important - but we've forgotten the third leg of the stool, which is sleep".

On her decesion to make the move, Huffington says: "I've dreamt of taking the next big step to help transform the way we work and live."

"When I decided to create Thrive Global, I thought it would be possible to build a startup and continue as editor-­in-chief of the Huffington Post. Today, it's clear that was an illusion."

The company has begun piloting trainings and workshops with Accenture, and it will launch after the US election in November.

The Huffington Post was acquired by AOL in 2011 for US$315m (€281m), which in turn was bought by Verizon last year.