Bye-bye homebutton: The latest iPhone 7 rumours predict a big change

Everything we've come to know about iPhone may dead and gone

As we've been telling you for some time now, the iPhone rumour mill is working overtime. Fans and critics are eagerly awaiting the next iPhone device. 

The latest reports state that Apple are intending to do away with the traditional home button, as well as the headphone jack.  

While the jack-rumour has been well reported, a new source claims the tech giants will opt to also replace the circular home button with a pad that simulates the sensation of pressing a button, without actually clicking. 

One would image this would function similar to how the trackpads on Apple's MacBook laptops do. 

The iPhone SE

This rumour makes sense and would fit in with the features of the new operating system, iOS 10. One of the key features of the new operating system involves a new method for opening and unlocking the device. 

We're expecting the new device to be unveiled in early September.