Trump has a plan to lure US companies in Ireland back home

The Republican candidate has been laying out his economic stall..

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John Locher / AP

Donald Trump has promised to revolutionalise the US tax system if he becomes president in November.

Among his policies reveled yesterday the property developer pledged to cut US corporation tax to 15% - the current maximum rate is 35%.

He has also proposed a one-off 10% levy on profits from US companies held overseas to attract them back to the country.

The Republican said his policies would end "job-killing corporate inversions and cause trillions in new dollars and wealth to come pouring into our country."

"We are ready to show the world that America is back - bigger and better and stronger than ever before," he said as he addressed at the Economic Club of Detroit. The candidate was heckled throughout his speech.

"If you were a foreign power looking to weaken America you couldn’t do better than Hillary Clinton’s economic agenda ... Every policy she has tilts the playing field to other countries at our expense," he continued.

Previously, he has said that he doesn't blame countries for moving jobs and profits out of the US to countries like Ireland under Obama's tax rules.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Speaking to Bloomberg in November of last year, he said, "In the old days you would leave New York and go down to Florida, or you would leave New Jersey to go to Texas to save taxes."

"Now because of the way the world is so different, you leave the United States and you go to Ireland, and different places in Asia and you go to Europe. It is a different world and we have to compete better," the presidential hopeful continued.

Hillary Clinton responded to Trump's speech by accusing him of attempting to "repackage trickle-down economics."

She said the New Yorker wants to give "super big tax breaks to corporations and the super wealthy."