Airbnb's value rises again as they secure huge new round of funding

The company continues to have no difficulty in raising money

Airbnb's value rises again as they secure huge new round of funding

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Airbnb's valuation has risen to nearly $30 billion after another successful round of fundraising for the accommodation-sharing service. 

According to Bloomberg, a filing from July 28th in Delaware shows that the company managed to raise a further $850 million, which has seen private equity firm Equidate update their valuation of the company to $29.7 billion.

The filing does not divulge who is providing the latest round of funding, but with the latest cash injection Airbnb has now raised over $3.2 billion in funding since it was founded in 2008.

The Wall Street Journal note that the move will defer an initial public offering, and are looking to raise up to $1 billion from number of large investors in the firm. 

Airbnb has some way to go if it hopes to top Uber as the highest valued private company in Silicon Valley at over $62 billion. The ride-sharing service also had a fresh injection of cash recently after a round of funding from Saudi investors, and will use at least part of that reserve in their own mapping technologies in an effort to lessen their dependence on Google.

The home-sharing service has been reaching tax agreements with cities across the globe in an effort to simplify the process for the , according to Fortune, the most recent of which was Los Angeles.

In May, Airbnb launched their Oscailte event for hosts and potential hosts to meet and exchange tips and their experiences of using the service. They also announced a program of perks for Irish hosts, as well as a partnership with to make it easier to make payments on money earned from letting their properties. The moves were aimed at expanding the service and making it more accessible for home owners in Ireland.

However, the cost for those renting in the capital has been described as "out of control," as Dublin was ranked as the 23rd most expensive city in the world for a couple looking to rent a room using the service.

The  Bloomberg World Airbnb Cost Index put the cost of the service for two people at €105 a night, ranking above Copenhagen, Vancouver and Paris in terms of cost. 

Via Bloomberg