Number of people signing on falls in July

Live Register figures were down last month...

The number of people signing on to the Live Register fell by 5,100 last month.

According to the CSO, the drop of 1.7% for the month means the adjusted total on the Live Register now stands at 300,300.

In unadjusted terms, there were 319,294 people signing on the Live Register in July 2016.

This represented an annual decrease of 44,334.

The number of male claimants decreased by 29,749 (14.1%) to 180,537 in the year to July, while female claimants decreased by 14,585 (9.5%) to 138,757.

The number of people over the age of 25 on the Live Register fell by 33,888 (10.8%), while the drop in those under 25 and signing on was 10,446 (-20.8%).

There has been an annual drop in under 25s on the Register each month since July 2010, with that group comprising 12.5% of the total number.