Dublin's Lord Mayor blasts Ibec's "weasel words"

Calls Brexit vote just another excuse to "further its attack"...

Lord Mayor of Dublin Brendan Carr has hit out at employers group Ibec for using Brexit to undermine workers' rights.

Addressing Ibec's call this week for urgent action to address "competitive pressures" and focus on Ireland's competitiveness when it comes to the minimum wage and labour costs, Carr argued that Ibec was employing "weasel words" to attack workers.

He said:

"From its approach it is clear that Ibec does not care about ripping apart the already strained fabric of our society."

Speaking to an audience of exporters, estate agent representatives, businesses and State agencies, Carr said:

"Of course the Ibec response to Brexit uses weasel words such as a need to overcome ‘competitiveness issues’ relating to labour costs and the minimum wage to hide what is really a call for attacking the livelihoods of working people. It also calls for increased ‘tax competitiveness’, which for Ibec is merely short hand for tax cutting...

“It is regrettable that Ibec has made such a kneejerk attempt to exploit what is a difficult political and economic issue to further its failed agenda of attempting to undermine the benefits of our economic recovery for workers, particularly those on low pay.

“Perhaps IBEC would be better served working with its members to ensure they are prepared to take advantage of the opportunities resulting from the UK’s changing relationship with the EU, rather than merely launching another attack on workers.”