Google working on new project entitled 'Open YOLO': You only login once

That is actually what it's called...

Google has announced a new open-source project, which will simplify security for Android users. The tech giants are working with a password-management company called Dashlane to develop "Open YOLO (You Only Login Once). 

Open YOLO will give Android apps the ability to access passwords stored on the device, taking the pain out of logging into individual applications. 

In a blog post about the deal, Dashlane said:

"At Dashlane, we know that strong passwords are your first line of defense against harmful data breaches and cyber-attacks. As headlines continue to be flooded with news of colossal data breaches and user passwords sold on the Dark Web, Google has taken notice of the tens of millions of consumers and businesses turning to password managers not only to protect their passwords and personal data but also to perform fast, secure account login on various devices. To stay one-step ahead of the market demand, Google and Dashlane are helping create a seamless, universally-acceptable Android app authentication solution to increase your online security."

Open YOLO currently only supports Android, which may come as a disappointment to iOS users. Dashlane says it sees Open YOLO working "beyond just Android devices," so there's hope for Apple owners yet.