Does IKEA really want to get into bed with Kanye?

They've responded to his collaboration request with a 'Famous' nod...

Kanye West may have significantly expanded his partnership with Adidas this summer, inking a deal that will see the sports apparel company eventually opening outlets dedicated entirely to his Yeezy brand, but that's not the end of his retail ambition.

Echoing his Twitter appeal to Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion in funding back in February, West was once again publicly pitching to a prospective business partner this week.

This time he turned his attention to Swedish furniture titan IKEA.

Interviewed by BBC Radio 1's Annie Mac on Monday, the star declared:

"I. Have. To. Work. With. IKEA.

"With furniture, with interior design, for architecture."

Referring to himself in the third-person, he called on the company to "allow Kanye to create":

"Allow him to make this thing because you know what, I want a bed that he makes, I want a chair that he makes – I want more products from Ye."

First up, he would focus on creating "a minimalist apartment inside of a college dorm, with a TV built inside of the wall."

While he didn't appear to hear from the Facebook founder earlier this year, IKEA Australia took to Facebook last night with an offer, of sorts...

The jokey post played on the controversial video for West's track 'Famous', which features him and his wife Kim Kardashian lying naked in a giant bed with numerous life-like celebrity replicas, including Taylor Swift and Donald Trump.

Elsewhere in the Annie Mac interview, West reaffirmed his ambitions to make "content" across many different disciplines, and not just be limited to music.

He said:

“It’s like telling Michelangelo, ‘I know you did this dope angel, that was really good, but Michelangelo, I don’t think you could paint a cow’.”