The tablet is not dead: Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Hands on with the new 2-in-1 device by Samsung

I don't know about you, but I've heard that the tablet is dead multiple times in recent months. While the people making these claims are deemed to be 'experts', I can't help but disagree. Samsung have just produced a 2 in 1 tablet device that proves there is a space for any kind of device, providing it's best in class. 

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is device aimed at those of us who want to jump from work to play seamlessly. The days of having a personal tablet or a work tablet may well be gone, but a device that can host both is what the world is looking for. 

Out of the box, it's clear to see that Samsung have invested heavily the design and development of their new tablet device. The 12-inch screen has a neat black boarder, which meets beautifully rounded corners. The tablet magnetically connects to the keyboard. It's worth noting (and celebrating!) that the keyboard is included in the device price, unlike some others - namely the Microsoft Surface. 

Internally there's an Intel Core M, Dualcore 2.2GHz processor and 4GB of RAM. There's also 128GB of SSD storage. These factors mean the device powers up and performs exactly how one would expect a high end device to.

Setting the device up is pain free, for the most part. As it runs Windows 10, users need to jump through the hoops of setting up a Microsoft account, or face the challenge of remembering their password. 


This device is a dream to use for emails, doc creation and pretty much anything else an average office worker would want to use. The full sized keyboard is comfortable to type on and there's a good 'click' from the mouse. And yes, that matters. 

The magnetic cover is a great companion for those who work on the go. It's possible to set the screen to two separate positions. This makes it easy to work on a plane, train or any automobile.  

There's one obvious issue for the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, which would put me off using it as my full time device and that is its lack of ports. The TabPro S has a USB-C charging port on the bottom, but there's nothing else there for users to avail of. I know that in the age of cloud-computing this shouldn't matter, but it does. 

If you are a Samsung phone user, there's a very cool feature that makes multi-tasking that be easier. SideSync allows users to mirror their phone screen onto the tablet, meaning they can send texts, or file share between their two devices with ease.

Bottom line:

This is an incredibly light weight, very portable device that has the look of a laptop and the functionality of a powerful tablet. As it runs Windows 10, it is compatible with most programmes. It works incredibly well for most kinds of work and any kind of play. 

The only real downside to the machine is the price tag. Devices start from €1,169, but that does include the keyboard. Users can purchase a stylus, should they want.