Microsoft plans to cut 2,850 jobs

The company is shifting its focus away from the increasingly competitive smartphone market

Microsoft plans to cut 2,850 jobs

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Microsoft has announced that it will cut significantly more jobs in 2017 than it had previously planned.

Some 2,850 positions will be culled during the next fiscal year according to the company's latest filing.

The cut backs will mainly come in its Finish smartphone manufacturing business and sales divisions. As recently as May the company said that only 1,850 positions would go.

After purchasing Nokia's handset business Microsoft has already written-off most of its value as it backs away from the costly smartphone wars.

Its mobile operating system has failed to make a significant dent in Apple and Android's OS dominance.

Microsoft Window phones only make up 1% of the total market.

The company bought Nokia's core operations for $7.6bn in 2014.


If you own a Windows device, chances are you've received a notification about Windows 10. The operating system became available one year ago and Microsoft has allowed customers to upgrade for free. That generous offer expires today, however. 

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Additional reporting by Jessica Kelly.