Dublin Bus / LeapCard customers beware: Are you overpaying your fare?

There is a difference between the two "tagging-on" machines on board

The message of "Leap Cards are great" has been well and truly drilled into those living in the capital. It's said that travellers can save 20% on their daily fares but using the NFC card. If you're a Dublin Bus customer, however, you may want to check your balance. 

Walking onto a Dublin Bus vehicle, commuters will notice two LeapCard machines. One to the right of the door and one next to the driver. It's worth noting that the two different machines have two different functions. 


If you enter the bus and use the machine by the driver, you tell the driver where you're heading and the appropriate fare is deducted from your card. 

If, however, you use the machine on the right, the full fare is deducted - regardless of where you are travelling to or from. The maximum fare is €2.60. If, for example, you're only travelling a few stops, that could be a difference of €0.55 a day. That equates to over a tenner a month. 

Dublin Bus say the machine on the right is only really for those with travel tickets or customers travelling the entire bus route. 


If you have been overcharged, it is possible to claim a refund.

Customers can check the transaction history of their Leap Card account and identify times where they have been incorrectly charged. They can then go to the Dublin Bus headquarters on O'Connell Street to claim a refund. 

As a giant supermarket once said, every little helps.