Meet the wearable aimed at women, that can predict stress

The new Bellabeat Leaf Urban will help combat stress and anxiety

Device manufacturer, Bellabeat, have produced a new wearable that is aimed at women. The primary function of the device is help women tackle stress and resolve it via meditation exercises. 

The Leaf Urban can be worn as a bracelet or necklace and can easily clip onto clothing too. While it has the usual motion-tracker technology that looks at user's running, dancing, meditating and sleeping patterns, this small device can also predict stress. 

The Leaf uses the various data collected to analyse and predict mood and stress levels, as well as helping users to understand how these two things will impact their sleep and productivity.   

The Leaf Urban pairs to both iOS and Android devices via a free application. 

“Based on the data we collected from the first generation of Leaf, we were able to find a correlation between activity, sleep, a woman’s period and stress levels,” explains Bellabeat co-founder and CEO Urska Srsen. “Now we are able to predict which parameters, such as lack of sleep, will cause stress levels to be higher and give valuable health feedback to our users.”

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