Are you an eir customer? Prepare for a price hike

Fear not, however, you will be able to reject the €100 increase

It's the news nobody wants to hear, but - eir has confirmed it will roll out higher price plans for it's phone and broadband services in the coming months. Some customers will see an increase of up to €100 annually. 

A spokesperson for the company explained that some 360,000 consumers will be impacted by the price hikes, which are up to 9.4%. That works out as an increase of around €5 and €8 per month for existing bundle customers. 

If you are a double play (broadband and landline), or triple play (broadband, landline and either mobile / TV service) customer, you can expect to receive a letter from the company outlining the changes to your price plan. 

"All impacted customers will (many have already) receive a letter notifying them of the changes and customers have 30 days from receipt of the letter to decline the changes. The customer’s contract status will remain the same post the 30 days. For example if you have 12 months left in your contract and you receive a letter on the 5th July, on the 5th August post your 30 days notice you will still have 11 months left to the end of your contract. We are not re-contracting customers when we move them to the new bundles, they carry forward their current contract status. The only exception to this is if a customer adds another product or requests a change to the bundle they are moved to, and agrees to a new contract / recontract," the spokesperson continued. 

Customers who are concerned about the upcoming changes are encouraged to get in touch with the provider to find an appropriate bundle based on their current spend and usage patterns.   

eir Sport

eir broadband customers will be able to get eir Sport, formerly known as Setanta Sports, free. The company explained that those signed up for eir broadband will receive €300 worth of premium sport content via the eir Sport Pack.  

This news comes just a week after Virgin Media announced it will drop the eir Sports service from its TV offering at the end of this month. Both parties failed to agree on the commercial terms surrounding the package of six channels.