Has Apple decided against the release of the iPhone 7?

Respected sources are speculating about a release date

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 7 have been rife since the day the iPhone 6 was unveiled. Apple fans always want to know what's coming next. It's thought that those hardcore fans may only have to wait another short while longer. 

Evan Blass, a reliable leaker - for want of a better phrase, has alleged that the next generation iPhone will hit stores on September 16th, which seems like a fairly safe bet. The tech giants are renowned for their large "unveiling" events, and it's thought the next one could take place on September 5th, almost two weeks head of the in-store date.

Blass also suggests that two models will be released and are codenamed Sonora and Dos Palos. He believes the company will opt against calling their next device "iPhone 7". 

The thinking behind that, apparently, is that the new devices won't be all that different from the most recent flagship phones and that Apple will hold back for a big launch in 2017.

Image: iPhone SE launched earlier this year (credit Jess Kelly)

While this is all just rumour, Mr. Blass would be considered a fairly reliable source for all things Apple. 

Other rumours flying around include the removal of the headphone jack. Motorola beat Apple to it, if they do go down the route. 

As with every device however, only time will tell what exactly will be on our shelves come September.