Nintendo shares fall after investors realise it didn't make Pokemon Go

The Japanese company had seen its share price double because of the app's success

Nintendo shares fall after investors realise it didn't make Pokemon Go

Photo: PA Images

It wasn't going to last forever, and now the markets have realised they have been building up Nintendo too much.

Shares in the gaming giant have plummeted 17% in a single day after Nintendo released a statement after trading closed last Friday admitting that the economic impact Pokemon Go's success will have on them will be "limited".

This fall came after Nintendo's share value had more than doubled in recent weeks because of the wild success of the Pokemon app.

But now the market has come to realise that Nintendo's part in the game is minimal. Nintendo has about a 13% stake in the game. While it owns 32% of the Pokemon Company, its share of the games actual developer, Niantic, is much smaller.

Nintendo's initial huge gain from the app appears to simply be from investors and shareholders wrong beliefs that they were solely responsible for Pokemon Go.

The company's statement did mentioned the soon to be released Pokemon Go Plus wearable device that'll track your steps for the game.

This device will be produced and sold by Nintendo, but the company said they have already included expected figures for the Plus into their forecast, so another big bump isn't expected.

Despite this reversal of fortune for Nintendo, Pokemon Go continues to dominate global app charts. The app was recently released in Japan, birthplace of the Pokemon franchise, so its dominance is expected to continue.