Go Further Sessions: The opportunities and challenges of working in HR

Last in the series of free events seeks to explore the world of HR

The Go Further Sessions at National College of Ireland comes to an end on Wednesday, July 27th. Now in its second year, the event organisers work with industry partners to explore trends and opportunities in the areas of technology, data, marketing and HR.

Cathal Divilly - Managing Director at The Great Place to Work Institute Ireland will take part in the session, which will focus on the human resources sector. Speaking ahead of the event, Divilly discussed how the world of human resources has changed over the last decade.

“HR has become a lot more strategic over the last decade and with the explosion of technology and the mind-set of the millennial generation never has a strategic approach to people and culture being so important. The job for life is gone with current and future talent bringing a transient mind-set to how they will navigate their careers. How will we attract and retain future talent will be a key question? How will they build a compelling employer brand?”

The event, which will run from 6pm – 8pm on Wednesday evening, is free to attend and is aimed at professionals seeking to progress in their educaiton and career.

Louisa Meehan, Woodview HRM, will also be in attendance. Meehan gave a preview of what attendees can expect from her input on the night

 “Enthusiasm and enjoyment is my approach, I tailor any presentation to ensure reference material is used as a guide for the information exchange, and not the reference point (there will never be “death by PowerPoint”). This session will provide a practical overview as to what HR is, providing some personal insights and sharing real world experiences.”

Louisa will demonstrate why she is passionate about having a career in a field which is hugely varied.

“There is no universal definition for HR, some view it as the current phase of personnel management others see HR as having an intrinsic link to the corporate strategy, this talk will attempt to highlight some of the possible avenues available for those who pursue a career in HR. Inclusive of why it so enjoyable and how it is evolving in partnership with the business world,” she explains. 

Valarie Daunt, Partner - Human Capital Management at Deloitte, will also join the discussion and had some tips for anyone about to enter the job-hunting process

“A strong linked-in profile demonstrating agility and willingness to develop new skills in a highly fluid manner. Understanding of the business world including the sharing of interesting articles or though pieces. Social media presence that may cause an employer to question their ability to act in a professional manner.” 

Deirdre Cronnelly, The Performance Coach; Career and Wellbeing, Afresh, will also be there on the night. 

If you want to go along, simply click the link below to secure your space. 

     Wed 27th July – HR

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