Dubliners are most concerned about their jobs

A new report finds uncertainty remains despite the economic recovery

A survey on consumer sentiment in Ireland has found that people living in Dublin are primarily concerned about employment.

The latest data from KBC Bank Ireland and the ESRI also showed that, despite the economic recovery, the Irish are feeling increasingly uncertain about their futures.

Those outside of the capital were most concerned with their household finances.

Austin Hughes of KBC Bank noted that the research was carried out before the UK's decision to leave the EU, which could serve to exacerbate concerns even further.

In June, consumer sentiment was reported as having hit a four-month high, but political and economic events during the summer appear to have had a destabilising effect.

Consumer sentiment had hit a 10-year high in December 2015.

Hughes said:

"These readings aren't suggesting that consumers in Dublin or the rest of the country are altogether more depressed of late, but they saying they're a bit more nervous.

"And that's reflecting the reality. The world has become more uncertain. And remember these surveys were taken before Brexit, so consumers were beginning to weigh a range of risks to their outlook."