Tinder Social has arrived: Would you bring your mates on a date?

The app is available for download now

The dating application, almost as popular as Pokemon Go, has received an update and it now has a sister app too. Tinder Social allows users to include their friends in the dating process. 

The new group feature was tested in Australia earlier this year before its official launch. Users can now set up a group profile and plan activities, romantic or just fun.  

“Tinder Social is designed to make it as easy as possible to plan your night, get out into the real world and meet new people. The new feature takes the Tinder experience to a new level, offering our users more ways to expand their social circles and interact with potential matches. We believe it’s the ultimate tool for planning your next adventure.,” said Sean Rad, CEO and co-founder of Tinder. 

Once a group has been established, users can then assign a status for the group and select from a variety of suggested activities, such as “watch the game with us” or “happy hour, anyone?” Users can then toggle the social features on and off should the notifications become an annoyance rather than a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure book for real life.