Aside from catching Pokemon, what can Augmented Reality do?

Augmented reality: The technology that will live on, even after Pokemon dies away

Pokemon Go is, as if you need to be told at this stage, the latest craze that's taking the world by storm. Users around the globe having been attempting to "catch 'em all" since its launch. The technology involved in this game is called Augmented Reality. This is not the first use of it, nor will it be the last. 

Augmented reality is the point where the real and virtual worlds meet. In the case of Pokemon Go, characters from the game appear within the actual surroundings of the player. 

This is one step on from what gamers had with the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS required users to place a QR code marker on a surface and images from the game would be projected onto that marker. 


This type of technology is exciting and different, but that will wear off and soon users will see that many of the games are novelty-eque.

So, what practical uses could AR have and how will it work?


As with most things in life, price matters. If developers manage to build an affordable Google-Glass-eque device, we could see AR entering every aspect of our lives.

For example: if you have a friends birthday saved in your calendar on your device, the AR headset could acknowledge your GPS location and push a remind to you as you walk buy a card shop. Handy, ehy?

As the Internet of Things develops and works it way through our homes, businesses will be able to use AR to push advertising to us as we walk down the street. Imagine, if you will, running low on milk, bread and washing powder. Your smart home could inform your AR device of this and a supermarket could then push offers to you as you walk buy a supermarket.  


These are practical uses for technology, which is currently being used to enable us to catch Pokemon.