IMPACT slams Government for not consulting childcare workers on pre-school scheme

The union meets with staff today to brief them on the new programme...

The trade union IMPACT has said it is outrageous that childcare workers were not consulted on the Government's new scheme for pre-schoolers.

IMPACT is holding a special meeting in Dublin today to brief staff on plans to significantly increase the scope of the free childcare and education programme.

From this September, an additional 60,000 children will be accommodated in a second free pre-school year, in line with plans from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

But IMPACT's Una Faulkner has argued that they should have talked to staff first.

"You ask those people who are providing the service how it should be run and how it should be operated," she said.

"And that's currently not happening. Currently it's a one-way street.

"It's: 'this is the contract, this is what you have to sign, and you have no say in the matter'."

Faulkner also called for increased investment to help the scheme function correctly, stating that it is not currently at an appropriate level for people to be on the 'living wage'.