McDonald's bans porn from its Wifi network

The move comes after two years of lobbying from an internet safety group

McDonald's has announced that it has changed its free Wifi policy to prevent customers from watching porn on their smart devices. This comes after years of lobbying by internet safety advocacy group 'Enough Is Enough'. 

A McDonald's spokesperson said, "We are pleased to share that WiFi filtering has been activated in the majority of McDonald’s nearly 14,000 restaurants, improving upon the restaurant experience for our customers."

Many premises such as McDonald's and Starbucks offer customer's free Wifi as a means to increase consumer traffic. While this is great for the majority of us, Enough Is Enough began their campaign for the introduction of restrictions two years ago. 

“Parents can have peace of mind that, when they or their children go to McDonald’s, they will have a safer and more friendly WiFi experience, filtered from pornography, from child porn and from potential sexual exploitation and predation,” said EIE President Donna Rice Hughes.