Social Justice Ireland calls for spending on housing and broadband

Argues our 'fiscal space' shouldn't be used to attract London companies post-Brexit...

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File photo of a broadband router and cable | Image: Rui Vieira / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Social Justice Ireland wants the government's extra €1 billion in fiscal space to be put into housing and broadband.

The group believes Budget 2017 should be focused on improving Ireland's productivity and competitiveness.

Social Justice Ireland has warned against spending extra money on tax cuts as an incentive to attract firms who are considering leaving the UK following the Brexit result.

Its director Dr Seán Healy, argued that any extra money available to the Government would be better invested in our infrastructure in the areas of social housing and broadband:

"Rather than using it as the Government seems to be thinking it should be use it by giving tax cuts as incentives to attract the 'refugees', if you like from the City of London."

Earlier this month, Social Justice Ireland published a new report stating that the recession had pushed 100,000 more people into poverty in Ireland. 

The group found that more than 750,000 people in the Republic are now living below the poverty line.

Almost one in five children are living in poverty, the findings suggest.

Speaking to Newstalk Breakfast, Dr Healy said: 

"Almost one in five of those who are currently in poverty actually have a job.

"It's important to note that a job doesn't always get you out of poverty – because jobs are low paid, jobs are part-time, they are precarious, they don't last for the whole year and so on."