Nest still alive inside Google as it reveals new outdoor camera

Smart home accessory maker proves not every idea has flown away yet

Nest still alive inside Google as it reveals new outdoor camera

Photo: Nest

Despite recent trouble and in-fighting in the company, it seems Nest has been working on something since it was bought by Google.

The smart home accessory maker was founded by one of the creators of the iPod, Tony Fadell, and bought by Google in 2014. It's been in quite a flux lately after reports suggested Google was unhappy with the development going on by Nest.

Now Nest have finally unveiled a new product to line up alongside their thermostat and security camera.

And it's another camera.

Nest have revealed a new outdoor security camera. This area has kind of been the sticking point for smart home products, sophisticated technology like this doesn't play too well with the outside world unless it's encased in protective layers.

This new outdoor camera does seem to be secured pretty well. It has been built to withstand the elements outside as well as being waterproof.

The camera comes with most of the same features as Nest's indoor version; easy installation and setup, live streaming over a mobile app, and a two way microphone. The outdoor camera will also sell for the same price as the indoor version.

It can be plugged in too, which makes it a lot more reliable than having to exist on batteries.

There's also a redesign to Nest's app coming at the end of the month.

If anything except a product release, this new camera does show that Nest might eventually be a worthy investment for Google after a little bit of uneasiness.

The outdoor camera has been in work for over a year according to Nest, which was way before any problems the company faced. A better bellwether of what its future looks like will be what their next product is, whenever we see that.