Hundreds of skulls have been sold on eBay over the last few months

Some have sold for thousands of dollars

Turns out you really can buy most things on eBay.

Over the last seven months, 454 human skulls were sold in the US on the auction website, with some of them fetching over $5,000.

These sales have forced eBay to change its regulations for selling human body parts.

Before, the site did not allow any human remains to be sold except for "items containing human scalp hair, and skulls and skeletons intended for medical use”. now, they've banned all sales of human remains except items that contain human hair such as wigs.

Many of the skulls for sale originated in China and India, who have recently banned the exporting of human remains.

There are now worries over eBay removing the sale of these items from their service in a pretty public eye to more underground, less visible parts of the internet where regulation could be a lot harder to put in place.