Hear songwriters talk about their music in new shows from Spotify

The streaming service is hoping to take on Apple's Beats 1

Spotify is taking on the one feature Apple Music had over it by launching two new original shows today.

AM/PM and Secret Genius are the new shows that will put artists first and foremost. Like Beats 1 from Apple Music, you'll get to hear the artist's favourite songs and hear them talk about them too.

AM/PM will see two shows from one artist, such as rapper Tinie Tempah and electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre, who will give you a playlist of songs they listen to in the morning and at night. That's a fun way to present music to you, but could get a bit stale or tedious very quickly.

Secret Genius looks to be a more interview-style show, where a songwriter or producer talks about their own music, and stories behind them.

The main difference between Spotify's shows and Beats 1 is that Spotify's shows aren't delivered as live, like a radio show. They're playlists, just the like the ones you might make yourself. A list of tracks that you can skip or shuffle. Shuffling these would make it a very odd experience, so I'd advise against that.

Not being a live format is probably an advantage for Spotify in this modern, streaming age. You can listen when you want, there's no strict timetable to follow. An attractive feature making these shows more like podcasts than radio.

This isn't Spotify's first attempt at original programming, but with it being more than a year since their last new show, it can be seen as a bit of a reboot or another attempt at it.

So far though, Spotify will have to do a little better with getting big names involved. Jean Michael Jarre doesn't really attract an audience like Drake these days, so Spotify will need to convince bigger artists to get involved if they really want to contend with Apple's original shows.