Your new Samsung phone might not be as waterproof as advertised

The S7 Active failed a product reviewer's waterproofing tests

Your new Samsung phone might not be as waterproof as advertised

Photo: Consumer Reports

You'd better be careful where you use your new Samsung phone, as it might not be as waterproof as advertised.

New tests from the product review website Consumer Reports has shown that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active didn't survive 30 minutes being submerged in 5 feet of water.

The phone is IP68-certified, which is one of the highest ratings that a phone can receive for being water and dust resistant.

The Consumer Reports test was right on the limit of what is classed under that certification.

The outcome of the test though is worrying, as both models of the S7 Active they tested came away with severe damage to the screen and camera.

The screen and display became non-responsive and bubbles formed under the camera lens leaving it unusable.

Consumer Reports did say that the regular Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge passed the test without any damage to the phones.

Samsung's line of Active phones are sold as a ruggedised version, much more capable of surviving accidents than regular smartphones. After these tests, Samsung may have to reconsider which phone is calls Active.

Samsung have said that any phone that has suffered similar damage will be covered under warranty.