YouTube CEO asks video stars to show we can "live together in respect"

Susan Wojcicki wrote blog post to all YouTubers to help stop racism and violence

YouTube CEO asks video stars to show we can "live together in respect"

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki

The CEO of YouTube has asked some of the site's biggest stars to come out against racism and violence in their videos.

After a week that saw huge tension across the United States, Susan Wojcicki has written a blog post directed at YouTube's celebrities and content creators to promote respect and change.

In the blog post, Wojcicki said "This week, like every week, hundreds of millions of people will come to see you."

"But this week, after the unacceptable violence and racial injustice we all saw in the US, and following other tragedies around the world, they will come listening a little bit harder to hear a few things: like should they be scared, should they pick sides, should they hate more or love more. Should they tear somebody down or pick somebody up."

YouTube stars pull in millions of views per video, with fans devoted to them in levels not seen since the Beatles. The positive messages they share will reach audiences that few other forms of media can dream to get to.

The post ended with "I can’t do what you do, but change needs to happen, so let’s see what we can do together."