British 'Remain' voters get their own newspaper

The New European is targetting those readers who are coping with a "real sense of loss"...

British 'Remain' voters get their own newspaper

Image: Matt Kelly via Twitter

The New European is a brand new weekly publication hitting shelves across the UK today and, as the title suggests, it's aiming to appeal to British readers who voted 'Remain' in the recent referendum.

Its creators believe anti-Brexit voters feel disenfranchised by the general media landscape and the paper can act as a belated way of levelling the playing field.

Bearing the tagline "the new pop-up paper for the 48%", it costs £2 and is available primarily in cities which opposed a Brexit, including London, Liverpool and Manchester.

The first edition was turned around from conception to printing in a mere nine days, making it possibly to be the fastest-created British newspaper in history.

Editor Matt Kelly said:

“I believe the 48% who voted to Remain are not well served by the traditional press and that there is a clear opportunity for a newspaper like the New European that people will want to read and carry like a badge of honour.

"We are trying in many ways to rather belatedly level the playing field in what is clearly an anti-EU mainstream press.

"I wish that the press generally had served its readers a little bit better before the referendum, because a lot of people have woken up and thought ‘Oh my gosh, what have we done?'"

The initial print-run is planned for four weeks but significant demand will see the title continues.
Kelly said:

"If people want it, we’ll keep publishing, so every edition after the fourth edition will be a referendum on the next."

In the first issue, the Guardian's Jonathan Freedland examines the consequences of the referendum, Loaded founder James Brown talks about his love for Europe, and Osman Ahmed assesses how it will all effect the fashion industry in Europe.