Antivirus maker Avast buys competitor AVG for $1.3 billion

The new company will have over 400 million users

Two of the most well known names in computer antivirus protection are coming together.

Avast has agreed to buy AVG for $1.3 billion. Both companies are based in the Czech Republic.

AVG are one of the biggest antivirus names in the world, mainly due to their software being free to download.

Avast is hoping that by acquiring them, it'll give them opportunities to expand their services to the Internet of Things, the series of smaller devices like thermostats and lightbulbs that are internet-connected.

IoT has had notorious trouble with being secure over the last few months, so the combined company will focus a lot of their new efforts on that area.

It appears they could be moving away from regular desktop or laptop security. Antivirus software is famous for bringing down a computer's performance.

Both Windows and Mac now also feature built-in antivirus protection, making the case for these companies' software even smaller going into the future.

It's unsure yet if Avast will shut down the AVG brand. The acquisition brings their combined userbase to about 400 million customers today.