Be careful catching 'em all as Australian police share Pokemon Go warning

The new app lets you catch Pokemon in real world settings

It's not even out 48 hours, and already it has caused police warnings for people who might be getting a little too carried away with it.

Pokemon Go, one of Nintendo's first big moves into mobile gaming, sees players try to catch Pokemon in the real world. With your phone acting as a viewfinder, Pokemon are overlaid on your real world environment. Hold the phone up as you walk down the street and you just might see a Pokemon.

That's what the Northern Territory Police, Fire, and Emergency Services in Australia are worried about.

The app launched in Australia and New Zealand for iPhone and Android on Tuesday and since then, the police in Darwin have taken to Facebook to remind people to be careful as they look at the world through their phone.

They reminded people to look up from the phone when crossing the road, saying "That Sandshrew isn't going anywhere fast."

Darwin police also reminded people that even though a police station in the city is a Pokestop, an area in the game's world where you can collect items like Pokeballs, you do not have to enter the building to get the items.

Pokemon Go has been getting huge attention on social media since it was first announced. It started life as a Google April Fools Day joke, until developer Niantic decided to make it a real thing.

Early reports also said the game hugely drains your phone's battery, which makes sense as it uses a lot of background processing and a lot of the phone's resources to run, such as the camera and GPS. There is a power saving mode in the game which the developer suggests you turn on.

It's now available in more global app stores, including in the US, but no sign in Ireland just yet.