Twitter tests out sports coverage with live Wimbledon stream

It's rebroadcasting ESPN's feed live

Twitter tests out sports coverage with live Wimbledon stream

Photo: PA Images

Twitter is making big moves into live video streaming and is using one of the world's most popular tennis tournaments to trial it.

Live Wimbledon coverage is being streamed directly on Twitter, via an ESPN feed. The video plays on the left of the screen as tweets with the #Wimbledon tag scroll by on the right.

Twitter insists it's only a trial run for now. Their big game day will come later this year when the NFL returns, as Twitter paid $10 million to livestream some Thursday night games.

For a trial, it's looking very complete. The video stream is very solid and integrating the feed of tweets makes it incredibly interactive.

The only thing missing that we can expect with the NFL coverage is some advertising, either in the livestream or in the tweets.

Twitter have released a statement about the Wimbledon stream, saying "This livestream is an extremely early and incomplete test experience, and we'll be making lots of improvements before we launch it in its final form."