Sam Adam's founder talks revolution, human perfection, and beer with Bobby Kerr

This man really loves beer...

"Beer is in my blood - it's around the legal limit for driving, so I'm safe," Jim Koch, the man behind Sam Adam's brewery - one of the pioneers behind the craft beer revolution - told Down to Business, speaking about his family's long brewing tradition.

He told Bobby Kerr that he started brewing beer in 1984 because he was sick of the United State's cold and fizzy domestic offerings:

"I got this idea that American was ready for really great, rich, and flavoursome beer - 30 years ago American beer was the laughing stock of the world," he told Newstalk.

He adds that the beer was born out of a "dissatisfaction with the status quo."

"When the status quo sucks It still exists because we human beings haven't figured out how to do it better - but we will," the entrepreneur continued.

His original ambition was to grow to a business with sales of $1m but the company never stopped growing - he admits that he was surprised by the appetite for something new among US beer drinkers.

The Cincinnati native has not lost his thirst for exploration - "There are really wonderful beers out there that have not yet been created," he told Down to Business.

"These didn't exist when God made rocks, and earth and trees - they are the product of the imagination and innovation," he adds.

Sam Adam's is one of the world's largest craft breweries, but it still only commands 1% of the US beer market.

The founder says that the company always tries to enter new territories with "humility" and respect for the country's brewing traditions, for example in Ireland it pushes lagers and ales that cannot be replicated by local brewers.