New Facebook tool lets you post in multiple language

Irish speakers will soon see more posts in Irish

New Facebook tool lets you post in multiple language

Photo: PA Images

With the number of people on Facebook nearing two billion, the company is finally realising there's a lot of instances of language being a major barrier to them and their users.

To fix that, Facebook is testing a new "multilingual composer" that will translate your post and status as your write it.

The composer will translate what you write into the 44 languages Facebook supports, so now if Irish speakers have their account set to be in Irish, they should see more and more posts appear fully translated for them.

Facebook has been using this technology for a while with business and celebrity pages, but is now opening it up to a much wider audience. This will broaden up the appeal of Facebook to non-English speaking countries, probably helping them break that coveted two billion mark.

It will also help the machine learning aspects of their business, as the more it is used and corrected by humans, the more it will get right in the future.