Newest version of Android gets a name - Nougat

It beat out Nutella to be the name of Google's mobile OS

Newest version of Android gets a name - Nougat

Sherice Torres, director of marketing for Android Pay, shows the icon for the Android Pay app on a phone at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco - Photo: PA Images

We now have a name for the new version of Android, Nougat.

The name for the next version of Google's mobile operating system was crowdsourced this year. Google made a website you could go to to submit your idea for what should be the name of the N release of the OS. Each version of Android has been sorted alphabetically and was named after a sweet treat.

Nutella was seen as an early favourite to be the name of this newest release. Google had already used a trademarked name for an Android version before, releasing KitKat in 2013.

Nougat will be available later this year, and will include new features like built-in VR support, improved notification systems, and split-screen multitasking.