New Facebook feature for photos goes live today

It will be available on iOS only to begin with

Facebook are constantly adding features and new elements to their product to make the experience more enjoyable and engaging for users. The latest update "Slideshows" goes live from today. 

If a user has taken more than five photos or videos in the past 24 hours, Facebook will pull them into a pre-made video and place it into the top of their News Feed. It's possible to customise the video, similar to the "Year in Review" videos that appear around Christmastime.

Alternatively, users can hit "Try it" if they see a slideshow appear on their friend's wall.  

There are 10 themes to choose from at present. Each uses a different overlay and background music. Themes include" 'inspired, nostalgic, playful, night out, birthday, epic, thankful, tropical, Bollywood and amped.'

"Slideshows" has been tested on a small number of users since December. The company say it will add more themes over time.

While the feature is launching globally this week, it will only be available on iOS to begin with.