This $4 smartphone will begin shipping from this week

The device was initially aimed at the rural Indian market, but has attracted worldwide attention

We're all after better value when it comes to our technology, but would you buy a $4 smartphone? The device, Freedom 251, was announced earlier this year and will begin shipping from this week. 

Freedom 251, built by India's Ringing Bell, is available to pre-order now and will begin shipping on June 30th. The smartphone was initially aimed at the rural Indian market, but its incredibly low cost gained attention from around the world. 

The device has a 4-inch screen, an 8MP camera and a 3.2MP selfie cam. Internally there's a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and a 1GB RAM. The device has a 1800mAH battery and 8GB of internal storage. While this device will not be considered a power-house by any stretch of the imagination, it's hard to fault it when the you take the price into consideration. 

The Indian Cellular Association lobbied the country's Telecom's Minister to investigate how Ringing Bell managed to produce such a low cost device. 

The company's founder and CEO, Mohit Goel told The Indian Express:  “We learned from our mistakes and decided to go silent untill we come out with the product. Now we have a 4-inch, dual-SIM phone ready for delivery. I feel vindicated.”